Who You Are – Majarani

People call me/I call myself Majarani.

I see myself as Strong, fierce, protective, hard-working, dedicated, loving, patient, creative, artistic, talented, a survivor.

If I thought you cared and you were listening, I would tell you I’m conflicted. I can’t make a decision- even if it’s what toppings I want on my pizza, let alone what I want for the rest of my life to be meaningful and fulfilling.

I am struggling with PTSD, making myself the priority, making the happy on the outside appear on the inside, trusting people.

Something I have been keeping a secret is my personal blog.

I am trying to think positive and something I’m good at is horses- riding, training, caring for. I’m pretty good at singing, drawing. I am an excellent student, I love to learn.

I love to learn, to read, to ride, to sing, to play, to laugh, my farm. my puppies. Most of all, my sister.

Posted by leahpeah on August 6th, 2010
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